Noli Collaboration

These projects came to life thanks to students working together to accomplish a unique expression of culture, art, and vision. This a three year compilation from 2014 through 2016.

The following projects have been created using Photoshop and Illustrator. All of them have been designed through collaboration amongst two or more students. The instructor, Mr. Guerrero, helped mainly with advice and overall guidance or vision.
Hunter and Guy Herrera
Frank Sanchez and Sheldon Kimleecheenie
Anthony Luna-Trujillo and Mr. Guerrero
Frankie Ortega, Cyrus Zuniga and Guy Herrera
Ash-Wut Vega and Gabe Herrera
Hunter Herrera and Mr. Guerrero
Frank Sanchez and Mr. Guerrero
Shaiunee Rhodes and Mr. Guerrero
Gwyneth Alvarez and Gina Leyva
Leann Miranda and Mr. Guerrero
Elena Quiroz and Necochea
Jonathan Saucedo and Mr. Guerrero
Junior Medina and Mr. Guerrero
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